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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

People used to select dresses according to the changing fashion trends, and they are changing every season. Online shopping is one of the recent trends because many people prefer to purchase things from online stores. Several big and small clothing stores are selling their dresses at affordable prices. It’s not easy to trust in any online store, especially when you are very conscious about the quality.

Floral Jalabiya-Mamlakat

We know your concern; therefore, we are bringing an online shopping store for you all. Here you can buy a fantastic dress for your wife, fiance, sister, mother, a friend, or start a business with the wholesale option. We are talking about Mamlakat; it's a Sharjah-based clothing store where you can find Middle Eastern culture's traditional cloths.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore it now.


If you live in the Middle East and know the latest fashion trends of the place, you must know how rich and versatility is found in this region. Locals used to wear colorful clothes. They never hesitate to try something bold and vibrant, just like the bright red color combination with pumpkin shades and many other unusual matches. Mamlakat is the place where you can find all the latest collections of traditional dress in which Long Dresses, Jalabiya, and Thobe dresses are commonly found. Once you visit the online store, you will be amazed after exploring the Modest Fashion theme and the classy designs of the entire collection available, ready to wear. Moreover, suppose you are concern about the size, color, and other necessary factors. In that case, we suggest reading this article till the end because we are going to discuss every possible aspect, and we are trying to elaborate on everything for your assistance.


We are very concerned about our client's satisfaction; therefore, we design, create and craft our own designs, after carefully understanding the market trend, you can choose from the demo design and provide all the measurements. The dress is then artistically crafted based on customers' preference, it is designed, embroidered, tailored, and stitched in customers' measurements. We can change the color, design, and size of the dress and alter it according to each measurement provided.

Now, here some people may have a few questions regarding the size and available designs. You can visit the website and choose any design from the display; speak to us personally, and you'll receive your dress within a few days.

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Mamlakat is the name of beautiful traditional designs, as you can see on the website; classic and eye-catchy long dresses are available for you. The most displayed designs are:

1. Kaftan

2. Jalabiya

3. Thobe dresses

Most of our dresses are inspired by the Maghrabi style or also knows as Moroccon fashion. Let’s have a look at various other facts of Abaya.

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Abayas are the absolute loveliest dresses that a Muslimah can wear. They are intense, delightful, and rich all simultaneously. They look superb and imperial whenever combined with the correct embellishments. Likewise, they can look sensitive and unobtrusive whenever worn suitably. There are various assortments of abayas accessible in the market. Abayas are accessible in various tones, various styles, a wide range of sorts of weavings, prints, designs, cuts, textures, and so on. While it is difficult to list all the various types of abayas and styles here, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why abayas are viewed as the exemplification of design for Muslim ladies. Kaftan Abaya, i.e., abaya with kaftan like agile sleeves, is an excellent choice for practically all events. These abayas look excellent, yet they are anything but difficult to oversee and wear also. Kaftan sleeves make abayas look considerably more shrewd, effortless, and rich.

Abayas are commonly planned like western outfits, anyway with full sleeves. Kaftan dress is an emanation of couture and high design. Kaftan sleeves make standard abayas look more eastern and practically like a shroud. Motivated by a traditional kaftan's straightforward style alongside a kimono's refined touch makes the kaftan abaya a splendid article of clothing. If you are searching for kaftan abaya available to be purchased, you can discover them in disconnected stores just as online locales. It is constantly prescribed to check the nature of your dress before purchasing an abaya. You should check for the nature of the texture, the shading, the print, and the weaving (assuming any) before purchasing a kaftan abaya. It is prescribed to check whether the shading suits your skin tone or appearance, and whether the fitting of the dress suits your body type or not.


Kaftan abaya can make you look tall and slim. The sleeves remove consideration from your trouble spots, and you wind up looking more lovely. Abayas are adaptable and can be worn for practically all events. Kaftan sleeves don't glance great in proficient settings, for example, interviews, conferences, and so forth. Kaftan sleeves loan a rich yet easygoing look to the abaya. This makes kaftan abaya reasonable for all events aside from proficiency. For example, you can wear a kaftan abaya to parties, weddings, burial services, birthday celebrations, supplication meets, and so on.

Basically, these trendy clothes represent the Middle East fashion, or you can call modest Fashion. We design our own dresses that you can also check from the online store, and then we send it to the production line where our creative and expert artists create the wonders. When the dress gets ready, it will take a few days to deliver worldwide. If you are interested in purchasing or need to give a personalized order, then you are welcome here.


Mamlakat promises quality at affordable prices. It's a platform for local and international clients and provides an excellent opportunity for the people who want to start an online clothing ready-to-wear store. Our prices are quite competitive as we believe in providing quality dresses, stand-out designs, and high-quality work. Our main goal is to capture people's trust in our work.

You can also order in bulk, and we will give you the wholesale price with a discount. Now, you can buy or sell our clothes from your store, and we will offer you the quality material at a fair price.

Variety of Dresses - Mamlakat


You can buy Middle Eastern dresses, which are stitched and tailored as per each customer, which they can wear at weddings or at any party, each dresses we craft are fit for any occasion, whether casual or formal events. We assure you that the trendy designs of the clothing will make you prominent in any event. There are a few types that we could discuss, as you can find clothes including:

1. Wedding dresses

2. Party wears

3. Casual

We have a bespoke tailoring facility, which is one of the most efficient services where you can get the alter service and even produce a new dress at an affordable price.


So we chose high-quality fabric material. These fabrics are carefully cut, and the designs are embroidered by machine and hand; some dresses have crystal stone designs that are professionally crafted on the dress. Then these dresses are tailored and stitched according to the sizes. Getting the correct garments is a cycle, and you should be ready to require some investment. It is anything but difficult to go into a top of the line store and purchase their garments in mass, yet who has the cash to really do that. If you want a top-class dress, you must never compromise on quality, but you don't need to worry about that in our store', as our main focus in quality and building trust.

If you discover a piece and become hopelessly enamored with it, why not treat yourself to it.



Professional handwork and embroidery and high-quality stones are used. Some dresses have multiple layering for big occasions as well. With the endeavors of our productive colleagues, we can deliver Handmade Embroidery. These sorts of weavings improve the appearance of the textures with superb weaving works. We likewise offer weighty planning for the textures, which adds a rich look to these. These administrations are accessible to customers with altered arrangements. The texture and top-notch metallic strings and structures we use for every dress are guarantee colorfastness.

Enhanced with long periods of involvement with the business, we can gracefully; discount and offer support for high evaluation Fringe Dress Embroidery Works. These periphery dress knitting works we are offering to our customers are exceptionally refreshing for its exquisite allure and excellent plans, which upgrades the allure of any dress. Our periphery dress weaving works include fastidiously creating various dabs and numerous different materials to the dress materials. We are offering our periphery dress weaving work at reasonable costs. Once you buy these handmade items, you will get the following features:

I. Supreme durability

II. Flawless finishing

III. Very eye-pleasing

IV. Sparkling shine

Moreover, the exclusive range of handmade embroidery is one of the most liking items of our website. We suggest you to try an embroidery Kaftan and give yourself a trendy and fashionista look.


Many people don’t know about Bespoke tailoring, it is customary to make garments by hand, based on an individual example. An example is the development plan for the various pieces of an article of clothing made with body estimations, which mull over the human structure's unsymmetrical state. This implies a tailor will quantify the chest's periphery, the midsection, the back, and the seat, just as the length and boundary of the two legs and arms. He will likewise locate the specific situation for the armholes and the level of incline of the shoulders. Moreover, the individual will check the front and the side equalization, which means he will see whether the client is twisted forward, regardless of whether he has an upstanding position or an exceptionally adjusted back. At Mamlakat, you will also get the opportunity to order bespoke tailored clothes.


Purchasing bespoke fitting truly boils down to two things: fit and quality. To genuinely decide whether bespoke is appropriate for you truly relies upon what you are searching for.

1. Openness:

Not all regions have bespoke fitting shops. Bespoke fitting must be bespoke on the off chance that you come face to face to do a fitting. Anything purchased exclusively online isn't viewed as bespoke, regardless of whether you give them your estimations. To be bespoke, you should come face to face and get expertly estimated by the shop's beauticians or ace tailor.

2. Comfort:

On the off chance that you need an article of clothing that day or the nature of the texture isn't really your first concern, made-to-gauge will most likely be a superior choice. As the tailor stitch this dress according to the accurate measurements, it will give you the perfect fitting and confidence to wear the dress anywhere.

3. Financial plan:

An enormous factor has to do in light of the spending you have. Anything that is specially crafted for you will have a more exorbitant cost tag anyway. Consider you are paying for a more elevated level of value and an ideal fit that is made solely for you. It is essential to note that to be bespoke doesn't mean it is at a more significant cost point. A made-to-quantify article of clothing can be similarly as costly as a bespoke article of clothing and not be viewed as bespoke. But here at Mamlakat, we craft dresses for each customer at a very competitive price.

4. Customization:

With a made-to-quantify article of clothing, you dispose of a great deal of the customization choices you can get with bespoke garments. The customer can choose her own fabric, embroidery designs, crystal stones, and the style of the Jalabiya. Once the design is finalized, our tailor would then take the appropriate measurements required and then craft the dress, exactly as ordered or imagined.

5. Uniqueness:

Another central issue to consider is that bespoke fitting makes a stand-out article of clothing that nobody else will actually have. It is 100% made for you, and only you, while made-to-quantify may have 50,000 others wearing precisely the same suit as you. Some people only want the uniqueness, and they want to look different, so bespoken tailoring gives them the facility to look different with extraordinary designs and dressing.


Well, some people are very concerned about the outlet and only prefer to visit personally. So for such people, we have the Main store is in Sharjah, UAE that they can visit anytime and choose the dresses or order for a personalized one. We do not only manufacture dresses for weddings and parties, but you can also find different types of cozy outfits in which we have clothes for home casual use, convenience, for party wear, for cultural occasions, for marriage and events.

The online store is operating all over the world, and there is no limit to order. You can order a single dress or book in bulk for wholesale business.

Lastly, no matter in which city or country you live, the home delivery service is available for worldwide delivery. The process of selection and ordering is very simple. You can buy dresses online with different customization option. We hope that your experience with us will keep you connected with us.


Mamlakat delivers across the world. We have had customers from India, GCC countries, the US, Kenya, Turkey, Afghanistan, so far. We are looking to reach more markets, as we believe many women do fancy such fashion, regardless if they are of middle eastern culture or not.

We have partnered with a local company for shipping and deliveries, which gives us the cheapest rates. When the customer makes an online purchase, we deliver the dress within 7-10 days, depending on which country they have ordered from.

We have Free delivery in the UAE, and other GCC countries, whereas standard delivery rates apply across the world. (Most competitive rates available), however in certain cases, if the order is high, we could take care of the shipping costs.

Our partners are very professional and have been in this industry for over 10 years, for each international delivery, They use DHL services, so we ensure the safety of the product and prompt delivery.

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