Online Shopping with Mamlakat. An Alternative?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

When it comes to shopping online, specifically shopping for dresses, people do get anxious. Wether it is to do with trusting the brand, the quality of the dress, size or if the purchases made online are safe. It could be any of those reasons, but it does count as a factor when people make a decision to buy clothes online.

But, can people trust the online brands? its not a secret that things have changed drastically over the past decade. Specially due to advancement in social media, more and more brands have chosen the path of marketing and selling their products and services on social media ( Instagram / Facebook / Online store ), in order to compete with the bigger brands.

Its faster, convenient, easier but the main question that people usually ask themselves, or what stops them from shopping clothes online is, is it safer? can we trust this brand?

Trusting Mamlakat

They have been in this very industry of fashion for over 30 years, but like many brands, you need to evolve in order to match peoples expectations and demands, as the new normal is shopping online, Mamlakat have brought themselves on the online platform too.

As over the years, Mamlakat has had gained trust and loyalty of many walk-in customers, but how do they gain the trust of women trying to shop online? how do they help them realize that shopping for dresses online isn't that complicated at all?

Why Shop Online?

One of the most difficult things to do when shopping online is to know what to choose. The good news is that online shopping is cheaper than shopping locally. Along with various options at your finger tips, you also come across various offers online, which you may not get it at a local store. You Save a lot of Money & Time.

The only disadvantage with online shopping is, that customers cannot try or feel the product, dresses in our case. That's why Mamlakat provides transparency when it comes after sale service. Any issues with the dress quality or size, Mamlakat arranges for refund / exchange or alterations all on their own cost. In the end what is of value is gaining customers trust and loyalty.

Mamlakat - Designed for Fit. Loved for Style

What About the Sizes?

Mamlakat Online store does provide the option of selecting your desired size preference, as obvious. Additionally, Mamlakat has also provided a chart for reference, where you can get a detailed explanation of what each size represents in terms of Bust size, shoulder length, dress length, waist & hips. you can check it out here.

Even then if you are not convinced or are unsure about your size, Mamlakat's expert tailor are always eager to listen to your problems or issues and will respond immediately, over a Call, Instagram or WhatsApp. Making it convenient and easier for you to make your own dress, tailored just for you.

So what is the process of sitting on a couch and getting a stunning dress from Mamlakat?

Well its simple, Just visit our store, and its open 24x7.

Once you decide on a dress and complete the order, Mamlakat will get in touch with you, with the contact details you have provided, to confirm the sizes and discuss additional information if required. Once the dress is being crafted and completed, the customer will be notified personally once again, via E-mail and WhatsApp that their dress is ready and will be delivered soon.

Mamlakat accepts orders and delivers across the world. Delivery is free within UAE, however the shipping charges are quite cheap and competitive internationally. The delivery is done fast and securely within 5-7 days.

When it comes to payment. Mamalakat does accept Cash on delivery within UAE, and accepts all types of card transaction from other countries, either through Paypal or their own secured and safe payment gateway. Rest assured, your money is spent well with Mamlakat, as their goal is to serve people with stunning fashion and earn trust.

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